Winery Tours

The Arizcuren wines are made in a central and discreet street of Logroño, recovering for the city an activity that was his own until a few decades ago.

The Arizcuren wine workshop tour offers you an opportunity to discover the historical vineyards of eastern Rioja. These vineyards are used to produce single-variety wines from Grenache and Carignan grapes, which are themselves highly representative of the region’s wine industry. The tour also offers you an opportunity to discover the charms of small-scale production, painstaking attention to detail, and small vineyards cultivated in keeping with the wisdom passed on by our predecessors.

Tuesday to Friday at 6.30 pm
Saturday at 11.00 am

Prior booking is required:
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You can experience all this in the heart of the city centre, where the historical tradition of winemaking in central Logroño is being rediscovered after disappearing for several decades. It is a practice that dates back to the Middle Ages and is now flourishing once again in a repurposed wine workshop inspired by the Urban Cellar initiatives found in some of the world’s leading cities. The innovative Arizcuren project both strengthens and complements the other wine-tourism activities on offer in the city of Logroño.

Discover the wines that form part of the Arizcuren project and are served in over 20 Michelin-starred restaurants. These wines have received exceptional scores from the leading international wine experts, including Suckling, Parker and Decanter. During the tour you can sample wine directly from the barrel and two of the wines currently being sold, along with the winery’s own olive oil and a delicious snack of cured Iberian-breed pork loin and fresh rustic bread.

Tours can be arranged for groups of between two and 15 people. The duration is approximately 90 minutes and the cost is €15 per person.

Vineyard tours

The Arizcuren project is a vineyard project. In 2009, Javier picked up the baton passed on by his father and grandfather and took over the cultivation of the family’s vineyard in the Sierra de Yerga mountains. Since then, small parcels of traditional varieties have been added in order to expand the range of wines that we offer to our customers. We suggest that you take a morning or an afternoon to visit our vineyards and discover the roots of our project at first hand. The tour begins with a trip to the Sierra de Yerga and the panoramic view over the mountains from the 15th-century Quel Castle. We then climb upwards through the different parcels of land, learning about their soil, climate, varieties and cultivation techniques as we go. Then we arrive at an ancient vineyard – untouched by phylloxera – in the heart of the mountains: the jewel in the crown of this particular part of Rioja.

The tour concludes with a tasting of three Arizcuren wines and an olive oil, accompanied by a selection of snacks and all served in an 18th-century underground wine cellar in the winery district of Quel.

Tours can be arranged for two to six people. Prior booking is required and the cost per person is €60. There are also various options for personalising the tour.