Mazuelo is a variety which has historically been part of truly great Rioja wines, being largely responsible for its longevity. Gobelet system vineyard, at over 550m of altitude, in clay soil with abundant boulders and low fertility. The viticulture used seeks to obtain quality grapes; low yields around 4,000 kg/ha, basal leaflessness on the northeast face, optimal phenol maturation of skin and grape seeds, without reaching excessive probable degrees. The elaboration seeks to be as respectful as possible with the wine’s own characteristics, minimizing exogenous contributions.
Sierra de Yerga, Quel, La Rioja - D.O.C. Rioja
100% Mazuelo
Purple-red and medium depth. Predominance of aromas of red and black fruits with floral notes and light spicy nuances. Medium bodied, firm and elegant tannins and fresh prolonged finish. (February 2015).
Early morning manual harvesting in 10kg boxes with grape selection in the field. De-stemming and vatting in 500-litre stainless steel tanks. Cold pre-fermentative maceration for 2-4 days. Alcoholic fermentation with wild yeast at a controlled temperature of around 25ºC. Daily stirring and pumping over until a density of 1070 is achieved, followed by only stirring until fermentation is finished. Short post-fermentative maceration (2-3 days). Malolactic fermentation and subsequent maturation in contact with the fermentation lees in 500-litre French and American oak barrels for 4 months, with weekly battonage. Racking to eliminate lees and second maturation period in barrels until they have remained within them for a total of 10 months.